We start to build up TheTopAI team at July 2012 in Canada. At that time, three key members from different places in the world met each other in Canada. The team had successfully finished a bunch of products, such as video chatting app, algorithm improvements, some software utilities and so on for both Provisional Government and University in Canada.

After several years deep and comprehensive preparation and plan, we finally register our company January 2017 in Ontario of Canada. TheTopAI includes all excellent members with at least Master Degree. Not only like this, but also we have experienced professors who dedicated himself in Artifical Intelligent and Data Mining area for more than 30 years to join us and provide us the guide for improving our software algorithm.

Until now, our members play the very important role not only in Canada, as well as SanFrancisco USA and Chengdu China. Our business has already spread into the USA and China during the previous several years (from 2012). From official statistic online tool, our product unique users has reach to 100 and active user is around 20. The number is still increasing recently.

TheTopAI mainly focuses on artificial intelligent for software development tool technology. Our signature product “Open Virtual Store” offers a both open source Android and iOS platform app for our customers who want to build up their company app, website in 10 minutes with a very low cost or even no cost. A cloud platform also is given to our customers to smartly manage and store their company information

We are growing and wish all the people who are interested in our product and technology to join us and help us become more successful. Your join is our proud of the company and your suggestion is the energy that we are using to move forward. Waiting for your contact.