In order to save/store the result and data from TTAI Form Editor, software engineer can either program the service based on our API Documentation. or every one are welcome to use our TTAI Form Editor Service. It works together with the open source javascript library TTAI Form Editor, so that a service can retrieve the TTAI Form Editor submission, save form revisions, analyze forms and so on.

If you decide to create your own service,  please visit documentation section and continue.

If you decide to use our TTAI Form Editor Online Service, please select one of the pricing plans below:

TTAI Form Editor

Javascript Source Code

TTAI Form Editor

Sample Project

API Documentation

Customize Company Log and Branding

Visible Entries in Form

Uploading Image Storage Space

TTAI Form Editor Service Access

TTAI Form Editor Service Source Code

(NodeJS, MongoDB)

Free Plan

Free of Charge

Basic Plan

$98 USD/Year

1 GB

Over 1GB, every month


Advanced Plan

$168 USD/Year

10 GB

Over 10GB, every month

$1.00 USD/GB

Self Hosting Plan

$698 USD Life Time

Not Avaiable

Not Available