We spend most of the time to building up our expandable product “One Click Planner (OCP)“. It is a html based WordPress plugin. It is consisted of web applications, mobile applications and Web Service. Along with it, we have our TTAI Form Editor to support the in web app form submission and creation. People can use our OCP plugin to generate web application to promote and sell their product in a lower development cost or even no cost in WordPress. Moreover,  some customers can modify and improve the mobile app as well as the web services themselves based on our One Click Planner Interface and code. So that, our product can save clients’ development time and narrow the period of implementing software. We provide OCP platform to our clients to shorten the time of building up Apps, Webs and Services. Meanwhile, OCP Plugin saves the money for our client due to our One Click Planner app creation process. Without human programming, our programs help our client finish all the setup and web requirements.

OCP Plugin: It is a open source web app project, which offers client the solution of both web and mobile app for both iOs and Andriod platform. By direct installing this open source code from the Word Press Plugin Market. you are able to have a runnable website to sell product/manage event immediately. It is a combination of TTAI Form Editor and Web Online E-Commercial plugin.

TTAI Form Editor: It is an open source javascript library, which aims to help the people who want to define and generate customized form in their own web system

OCP Services Provides the RESTFul API Interface for the user to retrieve the events and items.